Santa's Little Storage Shed

Where Do I Store All The Stuff From These Vendors?

With the help of a friend, this storage shed was constructed from scratch and custom fitted to my Christmas display equipment. All of the smaller pieces go into storage boxes that are stacked inside. Other pieces are placed on and around the boxes. Longer pieces of PVC and pipe are stored outside in an area we don't see.

Links To Vendors Of Christmas Lighting Supplies

It's Like A Kid In A Christmas Store

Offers products for Christmas Light Shows and other Chrismas displays.

I use Darryl's mega tree kits, including the frame and the base kit. The topper is his triple star that allows me to make the star look like it is rotating. I also have stars and light hangers for smaller trees that make it really simple to put together a small tree. He has lots of other goodies like the reusable wire ties, SPT wire and connectors, and strobe lights. This is the source for the most different items in my display and is a great place to check for hardware


Lights! Music! Motion!

I use these products for the electrical control of my show, sequencing the music, and playing the sequences/shows/schedule. These products make some very technical and complex tasks manageable. I enjoy building their kit products when they are available.

For 2015 I used their new PixCon16 controllers and they worked flawlessly. In addition, I used their new version of software (S4) to sequence and control my show. I was pleased with the results.


RGB Pixel Controllers

I use the E682 units to control my RGB pixels. I enjoy purchasing the kits and building my own controller cards, adding a power supply, and packaging it all in a NEMA electrical box for use in the weather. These devices are supported by the Light-O-Rama S4 software, allowing my display to be controlled from a single computer.

They also offer a smaller 4-port controller that helps keep the cost down when you only need a small number of ports.

Seasonal Entertainment

RGB Lighting

I use a combination of the Rainbow FLood Lights and the Rainbow Spotlights to add color in my display and to color wash the walls of the house. I use the DC controllers from LOR to operate these lights. The devices have proven to be very reliable and easy to use. In addition, they come in kit form for those of you with the skills and desire to save a few dollars. My wife approves of this message.


Decorative Spheres

I use these spheres to place 'ornaments' in both the megatree and the white birch trees around the Ferris wheel. Wrap them with the lights and colors you would like. Easy to use, easy to store.


LED Light Strings

I use these LED light strings for all of my non-pixel lights. I like the 5mm version - very bright, small, easy to work with. These lights come with a great warranty (see their website for the latest).

Wire Frame Concepts

Great Wire Frames

Need a wire frame? Here is where to get it. You can pick from the standard pieces or customize. Good quality with powder coat. Great service.