Nisseman And Nissamor

Nisse At The North Pole

Here are my dancing Nisse (Danish elves) in their traditional costumes. The dancing elves were inspired by Mike Ziemkowski and his dancing elves. I didn't really plan on the creepy shadows behind them, they just happened.

Links To Other Christmas Lighting Displays

Christmas On Crystal Springs

Welcome to Christmas on Crystal Springs

An animated Christmas light display located in Jacksonville, Florida

Lights on Display

Decorating with light, sound and motion

Mike Z's display has some of the best anamatronics in his display. He is happy to share his knowledge and offers a lot to learn. His display is very technical and professional, in addition to being very pleasing to watch.

Woodinville Wonderland

"Christmas is all about giving and sharing."

Mark Z's Christmas Display features fully choreographed Music and Light Animation, artfully blended with Traditions of the Season. Located in a wonderful rural setting. Creating Christmas Memories and Holiday Traditions. It truly is worth experiencing.

Zimmerman Christmas Lights

Newport Beach's first residential computerized light show

Newport Beach, California, is home of the annual "Christmas Boat Parade", known as one of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country. Greg's award-winning house, located on Balboa Island in the middle of the Newport Harbor, is viewed by thousands of visitors who came by car, by foot, and by boat!